More Than Just a Label

Maison Zaragoza was born out of our founder’s love of handbags and passion for the craftsmanship of fine European leather goods. Leaving the corporate world behind her, Brandy decided to follow her heart in order to pursue her dream.  An attorney and executive for over a decade at iconic companies like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Animation and Twitter, Brandy decided it was time to turn her dream into reality.

After receiving countless compliments on her handbag designs and learning as much as possible about the art of leathercraft, she decided it was finally time to share her bags with the world. While moving through the manufacturing process, it quickly became apparent that the beauty and workmanship of domestic leathercraft had slowly disappeared while most production had moved overseas. 

At this point, Maison Zaragoza’s mission was abundantly clear: to create the highest quality leather accessories available anywhere, produced here in the United States while supporting local businesses in the process.