Mistresses on ABC

Wow, what can I say? When I found out that my Ava satchel was going to be featured on an episode of Mistresses on ABC, I couldn't believe it. I mean, TV...my bag was going to be on TV!!! And, it was kinda great that the show was on ABC, seeing as how I spent the first 14 years of my career at Disney Animation...it just felt even more special for me. And then, I found out it was going to be on the Season Finale, Part 2.  AMAZING. When I saw the episode, I was so happy that it got a pretty good amount of airtime. The cherry on top was that Jes Macallan got to see a few of my bags and loved the Emma Tote so much that she asked to keep it.  OF COURSE, I said! :-) I loved the great things she said about it being "the most amazing bucket design" and "the most beautiful leather you have ever felt."