Louise Stingray Clutch

This was the first bag I ever created. A good friend was having an upcoming party and I realized that I had nothing that I wanted to carry with my outfit. So I had this crazy idea…what if I just make something for it? It couldn’t be that hard, right? I mean at this point, I had already started my first leather class and had completed a business card wallet. I mean, I was a pro by now after just 4 weeks of training! Such insanity, but it ended up working out. I had seen something at one point in stingray and I loved the texture. So, I went looking for stingray printed leather. They didn’t have any….but they told me they had actual stingray. I bought one, some lambskin leather for the lining and got to work. Wow, was that hard. I had no idea how difficult it was to work with stingray because of the texture. It was like working with glass beading and I sliced my hands about a million times as I worked with it. And damn if that skin isn’t almost puncture proof. But I kept with it and 2 days later, my first stingray clutch was born. I later realized that when I cut it and was so careful to make sure the edges were as straight as possible, I didn’t bother looking at the “eye” to make sure it was centered!! That was one of my first trial-and-error experiences. Trust me….there would be MANY more to come. Louise was my paternal grandmother’s name and since I had already decided to name the company after her maiden name, I thought it totally fitting that the first bag be named for her as well.   For production, I would make it smaller, angled and add an internal pocket and gussets to create the perfect evening clutch.  Here is the off-center result :-)