Jacquelyn Baguette Clutch w/Chain

With this bag, I wanted something roomier than Louise. At first it was just going to be a clutch and that is the way that I carried it around when I first made it. For me, the design had to be simple on this one, but the choice of leather was something where I really wanted it to stand out without being crazy. The look I was going for was classic and elegant, with an edgy and eye-catching “pop.” So, I originally found this leather that reminded me of newspaper print. I loved the look, but more importantly I loved the texture of it. When my mom saw it, she was the one who suggested that I add a chain to it so that it could be used as a small day bag as well. “Give women the option,” she said. Immediately after, one of my good friends said the same thing and I realized that I needed to make it happen. The moment I saw the result of this bag…an elegant, chic, eye-catching versatile bag, I knew I’d name it after my one of my dearest friends. She’s a tall, gorgeous woman with some of the best bone structure I’ve ever seen. Her style is effortless and she just exudes grace. For production, I would find an amazing python-print lambskin that has a scaled textured feeling to the touch and add a beautiful removable oval-link 3-ft chain.