Helena Crossbody

For this bag, I thought about travel and convenience. One of the great things about my time at Twitter was that I was in charge of International HR, so that meant a LOT of travel. I wanted something that would work well as a travel bag but also be unique and stylish. The other thing I was inspired by was the need to pack light but still have plenty of options. Which is why I decided that the Helena could be worn 3 ways. The normal way is the crossbody style. But I also added an additional strap position to make it a bit shorter if necessary, and also can be used to double the long strap and turn it quickly into a shoulder bag. Finally, if you’re caught needing to quickly dress something up or want an edgier look, you can remove the strap and use it as a clutch. This bag was also about fun for me, and I followed through with that feeling by using the stop-sign shape and having the lining be a fun pop-color contrast. I wore this bag on my recent trip to Cuba and it was everything I intended it to be. I wore it all 3 different ways, depending on what activity I was doing and it was perfect. Stylish, sophisticated, functional, versatile and fun. I named this one after my good friend’s 9-year-old daughter. She has the most fun-playful spirit and is just a classic beauty. Her smile is as vibrant as the pop-colors that I’ve lined the bags with.