What's In a Name?

My grandmother was my introduction to fashion growing up. She always had her hair, nails and makeup done to perfection and she loved to express herself through what she wore and how she carried herself. She was always my biggest fan and champion and I wish that she could be here now with me to see it come to life. So, when it was time to find a name, I made a list of a million ideas and started mulling them over. But nothing felt right. Hours later when I was ready to give up, I sat back in my chair, took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I’d like to believe that I meditate regularly to relieve stress, but honestly, I only did it to avoid throwing my computer across the room in frustration. And when I opened them, there was her picture…staring back at me…her 30-year-old self and I was instantly inspired to honor her in some small way. Zaragoza was her maiden name and I decided to add Maison to pay homage to the French fashion houses whose leather artistry has been such an inspiration to me. After all, it was falling in love with the French saddle stitch that got me into this whole thing to begin with. And with that, Maison Zaragoza was born.