Finding a Direction

Founding this company has been, by far, the most difficult and exciting thing I have ever done. I had no idea when I started this whole thing just how hard it would be...and that is probably a good thing. I knew I had found my passion in making handbags and felt that this same passion would see me through. So far it has...and I just keep long as I focus on not getting too overwhelmed by what I don't know yet, I'll be ok. Once I decided that I was really going to do this, I had to think about what I wanted this company to be. Making and selling things wasn't enough. I feel that giving back is such a basic responsibility to anyone who can in any way that they can. So for me, this would be a key component of my business. Now came the difficulty of finding how to give back. It may seem like a simple concept because there are so many possibilities in the world. But, often, having no limits makes things harder. Of course, everything I thought about was a worthy cause and I wanted to do it all. And in these colossal moments of indecision, it’s best to take a step back and ask the experts. I’m lucky enough to have some insanely brilliant board members/advisors and it was with their keen insight and guidance that I was able to define how I wanted to give back.