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"When designing the line, Brandy wanted to make convertible bags that offered consumers more bang for their buck. The end result? A large carry-all that easily transforms into a sleek tote, a small leather belt bag (think the fanny pack's chicer sister) that can also be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody, and an oversized hobo that can expand whenever you need extra room."
Style Swoon
Daily - October 14, 2016
"We love it because it answers all of our needs for being hands-free and fashionable, no matter which way we wear it. And we can’t get enough of its clean, modern silhouette, a signature look for the newbie handbag brand."
Item of the Day: Maison Zaragoza Alyssa Bag
Accessories Magazine - October 03, 2016
Ava Satchel featured on Mistresses Season Finale, Part 2
Mistresses on ABC - September 06, 2016
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